How to stay safe while out trucking with Shield Protection Product

There are many situations you can get into on and off the road while trucking. In this video we have partnered with Shield Protection Product to give some tips and tricks on how to maintain your safety.  In this video we’ll discuss how doorways and hallways present challenges to law enforcement. When someone has to go through a door in order to approach the suspect, it allows them to have a focus point on the law enforcement, making them an easier target. It is hard to protect yourself from what you can’t see. Hallways are similar in the sense that you can’t really look left to right or side to side creating very minimal visibility. Most hallways are narrow as well so if you meet someone in a hallway there really is no where to go without compromising your safety. This is similar to the areas between trucks at truck stops. It tends to be narrow in between trucks where there are gaps.

  • Be aware of your surroundings; is someone following you that you might’ve had altercations on the road with?
  • Move quickly and confidently

We hope this helps you and stay safe on the road.

Written by TDUSA