Facts to know about humanitarian shipments to Ukraine

Although news around it has decreased, the war in Ukraine is still going on. FreightWaves recently took a deeper look at the execution of humanitarian shipments and how they work. They sat down with a few locals that have firsthand experience with what kind of shipments are being received, from who, and where and how. Humanitarian aid is coming from all over the globe but the most aid is coming from the United States and the United Kingdom.

Ukraine has many obstacles trying to receive aid and air cargo capacity is one of many being worked on by the non-profit, Airlink. Non-profits are another aspect to aid that Ukraine is receiving. Different NGOs are filling different needs.

Most of the shipments coming in are medical supplies like bandages, wheelchairs, military first-aid kits, supplements and more. With all the restrictions and different border regulations it’s important to get as much aid as possible to Ukraine.