Heat Warning: How to stay cool

There is a heat wave warning coming this week and next for different parts of the country and we want to make sure you’ve got all the tips and tricks to stay cool. We know some of these might be obvious, but we all need a reminder sometimes!

– Stay hydrated! If you can, get a thermal bottle. A water bottle that will keep your water cold is the best in times the heat really gets to you! It wouldn’t hurt to also have extra water bottles in case you run out or want to share.

– Protect yourself from the sun. You don’t have to be in direct sunlight to need protection. The sun can feel amazing through the front window, but it can be dangerous to your skin in excess.

– Get a sunshade! These will make you so much happier when you leave an air-conditioned room to get in your truck. It won’t keep it completely cool, but at least you won’t be sitting in excruciating heat.

– Check your truck. Your truck is more vulnerable in hotter weather so it is important to check on it a bit more. Make sure to check your breaks as well as all your liquids and tires to prevent tire blowouts due to heat.

– Check the weather! Of course you already did! Check again! Many cities, as you’ve probably experienced, aren’t consistent throughout the day. Some cities will make you feel like you went through all seasons in one day.

Let us know how you stay cool during such heat.

Written by TDUSA