Tips and tricks to help you back in your rig!

We know it can sometimes be intimidating parking a huge semi, but it doesn’t have to be! So much damage can be done during the parking process, these few tips can help you make it easier.

  1. Get out and look. Getting out to look at your surroundings is more helpful than you think, especially in a new environment!
  2. Use technology to study the setting. Use a map app on your phone to check your surroundings at a larger scale. You’ll be able to see further than what you can immediately see with your eyes.
  3. Check your surroundings. When you arrive make sure to stay alert for anything around you. There could be pedestrians or even other smaller cars coming from all directions around you!
  4. Look for the tread marks. If someone has already parked where you are looking, there might be tread marks they left behind. This can be a good stencil for you to get started backing in.
  5. Don’t be afraid to reset. Start again. Better to start again than to fix a hard situation. Take your time to avoid having to reset so many times.
  6. Know when to say no. If it’s too hard to handle, do not force it and risk damage.