FMCSA Nominee Robin Hutcheson awaits Senate confirmation

With the congressional recess in August coming up, we are waiting to see how the confirmation vote in the U.S. will go. President Joe Biden has nominated Robin Hutcheson to lead the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Aides familiar with the confirmation process recently told Transport Topics that the FMCSA nominee is among those who are likely to be voted on before senators leave for the summer. Democratic leaders in the chamber are expected to schedule a legislative work period for the week of August 8.

The Senate Commerce Committee had approved Hutcheson’s nomination to lead the agency. If confirmed, she intends to take on myriad safety initiatives, assist with alleviating supply chain bottlenecks, and review new technological advancements in the trucking industry. She also wants to take time and acknowledge the different contributions of truckers. Even more so during this pandemic. She explains, “now, more than ever, Americans are acutely tuned in to how our goods get to our homes – from the flour for the bread we eat, the clothes we wear, the bed we sleep in – we all have a better understanding that it probably came on a truck.” Click here for the full story.