Uber Freight outlines autonomous trucking vision

Uber recently announced a broad vision for how robotic trucking will work. Moto News reported that “The department stated in a blog post on Thursday and an accompanying technical paper that autonomous trucking represents a solution to the ongoing shortage of professional drivers as well as other supply chain challenges.” Uber Freight believes that the commercialization of autonomous driving will start with a “hub-hub” model based on depots next to the highways.

The way this will work is that people will transport goods to the center through congested urban areas. The cargo will be delivered to the destination by the robot truck along the highway. We know that Uber Freight is the spin-off of a ride-hailing company with trucking being overtaken by robot taxis and the first widespread use of autonomous driving. It has developed a digital system that matches truckers with companies looking for freight. Click here to learn more about what Uber Freight wants to do!