Have you considered Danny Herman Trucking, Inc.?!

Danny Herman has been recognized for many reasons, some being their dedication to safety, central dispatch, driver-focused and satellite communications. Truckers become a part of the Danny Herman family.

Danny Herman is implementing a pay raise along with different incentives to make your experience even more enjoyable and memorable!

Time Off Policy:

  • 1 ½ days off will be earned for every 7 days under dispatch

Vacation Policy:

  • After completing 1 full year of employment………….. 40 hours off
  • After completing 3 full year of employment………….. 80 hours off
  • After completing 5 full year of employment………….. 120 hours off
  • After completing 10 full year of employment………….. 160 hours off

DHT Driver Incentive Awards – Cash amount to be used in DHT Store

  • Every birthday $5
  • 6 months of service $25
  • 1 year of service $25
  • 3 years of service $55
  • 5 years of service $75
  • 10 years of service $100
  • 15 years of service $150

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