High rate of turnover among stressed out supply chain managers

The truck driver is one of the most, if not the most important part of getting freight from point a to point b, but the overall trucking industry would not function without an array of workers aiding a smooth supply chain process. We know the stress levels our drivers go through but different roles within the industry are beginning to strain, starting with Supply Chain Managers. This is the highest turnover rate we’ve seen amongst supply chain managers since 2016 and many due to burn out and wanting a pay increase. Ever since then the turnover has increased by 28% from 2020 – 2021 and is continuing to get worse. Not only is burnout a factor, but better opportunities are popping up more than ever, making it more difficult to fulfill roles throughout all of the trucking industry. Companies are trying to deal with this issue by creating more positions.

The pandemic triggered what the industry calls “lean manufacturing”. This was a model that ensured supply chain managers had access to all the materials, staff and trucks to fulfill the average load. This model does not leave much room for error, so when COVID-19 hit, this model collapsed. The model wasn’t designed in a way that would sustain such unexpected events. Considering such high demand in finding those highly skilled in supply chain, employers are allowed to be picky with their choices. This doesn’t change the fact that supply chain managers are looking for higher pay and less stress at work, but hopefully the Infrastructure Act will help aid the in discrepancies within the trucking supply chain management sector.