Meet Lori, our President!

Meet Lori Furnell, the President of our amazing Truck Drivers U.S.A community! Originally from Sherwood, AR, Lori has been in the trucking industry for 32 years showcasing the immense amount of experience she brings.

We asked Lori what her favorite part about the trucking industry. She told us, “I’ve always been fascinated by the people in this industry and the pace at which things happen. Everyday, I have the privilege of meeting great people and learn the stories behind their success.  If you have ever worked for a trucking company, you understand that the average person makes hundreds of decisions daily based off minimal information.  The longer you are in that environment, projecting results, becomes second nature and yields great energy.”

Her favorite movie is A River Runs Through and when she isn’t curating one of the most interactive trucking communities, she likes to read, travel and make memories with her family and friends!

Favorite quote: “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run” – Babe Ruth

Want to know a random fact about Lori? She was on the intramural championship coed volleyball team in college and never went to a game.