This truck driver burst into tears when, after months of searching, he found his lost traveling partner

Have you ever had your furry friend join you on the road? So many truck drivers almost never drive alone. Bringing a furry friend as a companion on the road has helped so many during long hauls. Well now, Matthew can back to doing the same too! This truck driver lost his best friend some time ago. He was walking to look back and see that his cat, Ash, has not following him. Matthew had given up all hope of finding Ash. Matthew loved riding with his cat right beside him. The cat had no other family and Matthew was worried. Worried if his cat would have shelter or food. He did not want to give up. He searched everywhere, looked in shelters, and still no luck.


After being spotted on the street, this woman could not pass, and our furry friend was brought to a shelter. The cat was examined and checked to ensure it’s health. Thanks to the microchip, the owner, Matthew was found and contacted. To his surprise, what felt like a miracle had just taken place. Two best friends finally reunited to make the trucking industry a better place!