Mississippi woman makes sure stuck truckers don’t go hungry

When severe winter weather left truckers stuck on a Mississippi interstate, a local woman organized the community to help deliver meals to feed dozens of drivers.

On Monday, February 15, slick roads were making it difficult for truckers traveling through Clinton, Mississippi, to drive on I-20, leaving many drivers stranded.

City officials in Clinton said that “I-20 is basically impassable and traffic is blocked EastBound near the Natchez Trace with cars backed up to Bolton due to mechanical failures.”

After hearing about the plight of the stuck truckers, Evelyn Fletcher said that she was compelled to do something.

Fletcher said she planned to have a day of relaxation, but after seeing social media posts about the stuck drivers, she knew she had to do something to help.

Using food from her own freezer, Fletcher cooked big batches of food and made plates for the stuck drivers. She also used social media to organize volunteers to deliver the plates to the drivers.

Fletcher and her volunteers delivered about 65 plates of food to the stuck truckers on Monday.

You can see Fletcher talk about the heartwarming operation in the video below.