New safety tech (Lytx) for trucks parked on side of highway

The telematics company Lytx aims to provide its users with a myriad of fleet management solutions to make running a fleet of trucks an easier process. On Oct. 21 they released a new safety solution software that detects when commercial vehicles are pulled over and parked on the side of highways, as reported by Transport Topics.

This feature works in tandem with Lytx’s DriveCam recording technology. Their DriveCam technology provides trucking companies with data from the truck’s driving patterns to increase safety. The DriveCam alerts the Parked-Highway/Ramp safety feature when it recognizes that a truck has been not moved from the shoulder of a highway for more than 10 minutes. This alert notifies the fleet manager, and they are then able contact the driver to ensure they have the necessary information to relocate to a safer parking area.

The Parked-Highway Ramp safety software is made to increase the safety of Lytx’s clients and to make managing their fleet easier. Rajesh Rudraradhya, chief technology officer at Lytx, said that they have focused on client satisfaction when creating and testing this new software.

“The primary mission of Lytx Lab is to work closely with our clients during the research and development process in order to get a better understanding of what the market needs,” he said. “With the incredibly insightful feedback we received from customers using the feature in its early stages, we were better able to iterate and refine the final version of Parked-Highway/Ramp, the first official experiment to originate from Lytx Lab and be publicly released.”

The final version of the Parked-Highway/Ramp software will be named the Lytx Vision Platform, and true to its name, it will increase fleet manager’s ability to visually see their trucks’ parking to increase their drivers’ safety. The software’s ability to communicate with the fleet manager when a truck has been pulled over for 10 minutes allows fleets to better circumnavigate situations of risky parking by giving them directions on where to safely repark.

This is an issue often overlooked as truck drivers frequently pull over to the shoulder of highways and other roads because they have nowhere else to go. Lytx’s new parking software will work around this issue to reduce the possibility of driver injuries as well as fatalities, and work to protect the most important cargo: the driver.