Trucker Pet Spotlight: Tinker, the Itty Bitty Pitty

Hello, cuteness overload! Meet Tinker, the 12-week-old blue Pitbull pup of Truck Drivers USA community member, Jackie B.

Puppy with a purple bow on her head.

Tinker has been hitting the open roads since he was just five weeks old. When he’s not joining Jackie on the road, he loves having room to “zoom” around and playing with his cat friend, Andy.

As for bringing a four-legged friend along for the ride? “Have plenty of toys and the snacks in the truck,” Jackie advised. “And puppy pads!”

We see lots of happy trails – and happy tails – in their future. Safe travels, Jackie and Tinker!

Puppy looking out the window of a semi truck

Puppy sleeping

Puppy playing in the grass on a sunny day