Opportunities and Resources for Veterans in Trucking

black woman dressed in military uniform talking in a group setting

The trucking industry has long been a welcoming space for veterans transitioning from military service to civilian careers. Veterans bring a unique set of skills and discipline that are highly valued in trucking. This blog will explore various resources and opportunities available to veterans in the trucking industry, backed by recent data and insights.

Why Trucking is a Great Fit for Veterans

Veterans often possess qualities such as punctuality, reliability, and the ability to handle challenging situations, making them ideal candidates for trucking. Additionally, the structured environment of the military mirrors the regimented nature of trucking schedules and regulations.

Employment Opportunities

  1. Programs and Initiatives:
    • Troops Into Transportation: This program partners with various trucking companies to provide CDL training and job placement services for veterans. It offers a streamlined path from training to employment, with many graduates finding jobs immediately after completing their courses.
    • Hiring Our Heroes: Sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, this initiative includes a fellowship program that helps veterans gain experience in the trucking industry through paid internships.
  2. Financial Incentives:
    • VA Benefits: Veterans can use their GI Bill benefits to cover the cost of CDL training. This makes transitioning to a trucking career financially feasible without upfront costs.
  3. Company Programs:
    • Schneider National: Schneider has a robust military program offering apprenticeship opportunities and tuition reimbursement for veterans. They have a dedicated military recruiter to assist veterans in finding the right fit within the company.
    • Swift Transportation: Swift offers a military apprenticeship program that allows veterans to earn an income while learning the trade. They also provide ongoing support and career development opportunities.

Support and Resources

  1. Training Programs:
    • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Training: Many community colleges and private schools offer CDL training programs that are approved for VA benefits. These programs provide both theoretical and practical training, ensuring veterans are well-prepared for the road.
  2. Networking and Mentorship:
    • Veteran Trucker Networks: Organizations like the Veterans in Trucking Association offer networking opportunities, mentorship, and community support for veterans entering the trucking industry.
  3. Health and Wellness:
    • Veteran-Specific Health Resources: The VA offers various health programs tailored to veterans, including those who are truck drivers. These programs address both physical and mental health needs, ensuring veterans have the support they need on and off the road.

The trucking industry offers a promising career path for veterans, supported by numerous resources and opportunities. From financial incentives and specialized training programs to dedicated support networks, veterans can find a fulfilling career in trucking that leverages their unique skills and experiences.