Trucking CEO Paves the Road for New Supply Chain Leadership Program

With a family history in trucking, Jeffrey Hermann could have relied on his own experience when he assumed leadership of the business. He chose, however, to take it one step further by enrolling in Rutgers Business School’s Executive MBA Program to gain additional knowledge and professional connections – demonstrating his commitment to continued growth. Additionally, Hermann has kept close ties with RBS since graduating from their program.

Hermann’s business philosophy has always been outward-looking, focused as much on the community his company serves as on the products they store and transport.

“What we focus on,” said Jeffrey Hermann, who is an alumnus of the Rutgers Executive MBA (EMBA) Program, “is giving back to the community and creating an organization that prides itself on being able to share its profits and giving them back to those in need of help.”

With a long history of giving back, his most recent focus extended to Rutgers Business School where he played an integral part in the formation of one of their newest programs the Road to Global Supply Chain Leadership. Beginning in fall 2023, this initiative aims to support high-performing undergraduates and equip them with essential skills for successful careers in supply chain management. The comprehensive program includes academic study opportunities along with soft skill training, mentoring connections, certifications courses and internships – all designed toward helping these ambitious students excel as future leaders of global supply chains.

It was Hermann, a member of the dean’s board of advisors at Rutgers Business School, who came up with the idea for the program. He is also providing significant resources and serving as the lead donor, committing to four years of funding to support its launch and continued growth and success. He described the endeavor as “a different approach to giving back, creating opportunities for students and Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management, and being part of something bigger.”

Hermann, a fifth-generation leader of the family-owned Hermann organization established in 1927 by his great-grandfather Fred and grandmother Myrtle has gained an intimate understanding of what it takes to lead. With 15 years’ experience starting from entry level customer service position through terminal manager, general manager up until executive vice president across various divisions within the business, he is now assuming the role as CEO after proving himself worthy over time.

Hermann, a leading figure in the supply chain industry, is helping to revolutionize Rutgers Business School’s reputation and reach by creating Road to Global Supply Chain Leadership. His mission? Helping deserving students obtain career advancement opportunities. This program demonstrates Hermann’s dedication to continuously learning and staying connected with academia – because after all, “You never stop learning!”

Hermann is looking to the long-term future with his latest venture, The Road to Global Supply Chain Leadership. With an initial cohort of 25 students and a plan for expansion up to 200 or more over time, he hopes this program will become a lasting foundation for participants as they pursue their aspirations – while also making real change in global supply chains.


Source: PR Newswire