Trucking company owners plead guilty to PPP loan fraud

During the pandemic the government tried its best to provide relief for individuals and business owners. During this time many fraudulent claims for loans were being investigated and according to Overdrive, “Semsi Salja and Anes Suhonjic, the owners of 47-truck Grand Rapids, Michigan-based trucking company DMR Transportation, pleaded guilty in federal court earlier this month to conspiring to commit bank fraud in connection with a $290,855 loan under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)”. This program was in response to COVID 19 set by Congress in 2020. Many were able to get funds but as said by United States Attorney Mark Totten, “The PPP involved a limited pool of funds to help small businesses wracked by the disruption of a global pandemic”. These were forgivable loans through the CARES Act to help economic efforts during COVID-19.

He also expressed his frustrations on how fraudulent loans only hurt others that are being neglected funds. He is committed to continuing to investigate and prosecute cases with potentially fraudulent claims. Both owners face a maximum of five years in prison.