2025 Rand McNally Motor Carriers Road Atlas Now Available

The newest version of a must-have for American truck drivers is now out.

Rand McNally Road Atlas
Image: Rand McNally

The 2025 Rand McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas for North America has been released. This 208-page atlas includes:

  • In-depth coverage of state and national designated routes
  • Updated information on restricted routes, low clearances, and weigh stations
  • A 22-page mileage directory with over 40,000 city-to-city mileages specific to truck routes
  • Hotlines for road construction and conditions
  • Updated hazardous materials regulations
  • An easy-to-use chart listing state and provincial permit agency phone numbers and websites

The deluxe edition features laminated pages that can be written on with whiteboard markers to plan your route. It also includes a spiral binder for easier handling. You can buy it online and at most truck stops and travel centers for $34.99.



Source: Truckers News