5 Unwritten Rules of the Truck Stop

As a trucker, you may find yourself spending a lot of time at truck stops. While there are no hard and fast rules of etiquette and manners at these stops, there are some unwritten rules that experienced truckers follow to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety. Here are our top 5 unwritten rules of the truck stop.

Be courteous – Always be respectful of other drivers when passing them or entering their space while they are parked. A good rule of thumb is to not block anyone else from pulling out by parking too close to them.

Don’t monopolize resources – Try to be mindful of how long your shower is if there are others waiting to use the facilities and be conscious of others when using laundry facilities. Also keep this in mind for lounge and desk areas as well. If we can all do this, everyone can get the chance to use the services they need most at the end of a long day without an extended wait.

Keep noise down – Remember that although you may be used to driving in loud trucks all day, others may not be. Others still may be on a vastly different schedule from your own and may be trying to relax or sleep. Try not to disturb fellow drivers with loud music or motors running through the night if possible.

Respect personal space – As tempting as it may be while taking a break don’t knock on the door of a fellow driver’s vehicle unless it was prearranged or you were invited in. Consider it off-limits unless permission is granted first and always respect their privacy while they rest or prepare for another journey on the road.

Keep things safe – If you have firearms or other dangerous items in your vehicle, make sure they’re securely locked away before leaving it unattended for any length of time at the truck stop. This will help prevent any potential theft or accidents from occurring in case an unauthorized person attempts to access your vehicle during your absence from the cab.

Following these simple tips will help ensure everyone has a safe and pleasant experience at the next truck stop.