This 1 million pound super load is on a 7 day trek across state lines

“It’s longer than a football field and weighs more than 13 fully loaded tractor trailers”

LARAMIE, WY – These massive loads will be hauling over a million pounds to Colorado for the rest of this week. The second load passed through Laramie, Wyoming on Oct. 29 and the third load is awaiting final clearance from the Kemmerer Port of Entry.

According to Wyoming Highway Patrol, the load is a slug catcher for natural gas lines and weighs 644,000 pounds. This gives the load a total gross vehicle weight of 1,083,000 pounds with a trailer that has 22 axles and a total of 176 tires!

The logistics teamwork involved in getting these trucks to Colorado safely is truly admirable. This super load requires one pull truck, with two push trucks in order to get up to the minimum travel speed of 40 miles per hour. The haulers also require assistance from various utility companies with bucket trucks, crane operators, and temporary bridge spans, as well as the use of four front and three rear pilot car operators all yielding height poles.

Photo: Wyoming Highway Patrol

According to WHP, the superintendent of the move is TJ Childress. He has regarded that he is happy with the way the move it going, especially for being such a large haul. He said that in total the load is 331’ long, 20’ wide, and 19’3 long.

Considering everything goes smoothly, the third load will depart for it’s journey out of the Kemmerer Port of Entry to head off to Colorado soon.