Truck Driver Wins $1 Million Scratcher on a Snack Break

Scratching off a lottery ticket. Please see my portfolio for other gambling related images.

Jose Granados, a truck driver from Spotsylvania County, VA, got a big surprise after popping into a Royal Farms convenience store last month. After stopping for fuel, the trucker decided to go inside to get a snack and he ended up buying a lottery scratcher.

Jose Granados Lottery Winner

The Hit It Big! scratcher game features prices ranging from $10-$1 million. While the odds of winning any prize in the game are one in 3.87, the odds of winning the million-dollar jackpot are one in 1,672,800, according to a statement from the Virginia Lottery.

It’s been reported that after Granados scratched his ticket and realized he’d won big he found he suddenly wasn’t hungry anymore.