Trucker Gives to Those in Need Year Round

Timothy Gray, a resident of Muskogee, Oklahoma has found his own unique way to give back to his community.

Gray, a professional truck driver, has been distributing what he calls “blessing bags” to those in the Tahlequah, Oklahoma area for about eight years. The stockings are offered to those struggling with homelessness and contain various necessities such as water, socks, mouthwash, toothbrushes, gloves, lotion, Vienna sausages, chips, McDonald’s gift cards, etc.

This time of year, he says he gives out about 10 bags or stockings per month in various places around the area because he believes everyone deserves a little help no matter what their situation may be.

“One thing that gets me is, if there is a deer caught in a fence, there are a hundred hunters trying to get that deer out of that fence, but if there is a homeless person downtown, they walk right past them,” said Gray. “I can’t understand why people would do that.”

Having seen several instances of homelessness while on the road, he also carries the bags in his truck to give to people he meets through his work travels.

Gray notes that he gives the bags out because he feels the need to help each person he meets and he has some great advice for those who also want to help people in similar situations. He says to simply do what is in their hearts.

“If you feel like you need to help somebody, then help them,” said Gray.

While the holiday season tends to bring a greater need for the blessing bags, Gray said people need help every day of the year.

“It’s not a permanent thing because everybody will come out of it sooner or later if they try, but it takes an army of people to do it, and the best thing that we can do is never give up on the homeless people,” said Gray.