Trucking Operations Program Now Available at Arkansas College

Focus EduSolutions has partnered with Arkansas Tech University to create a new opportunity to learn about how trucking companies operate. The new program will teach the basic fundamentals of how to be successful in trucking and award micro-credentials in trucking operations.

The program was designed by industry experts for those looking to start a new profession or further their career. Focus EduSolutions released a statement saying that this program is for, “the new-to-trucking or entry-level trucking industry employee looking for an overview of trucking company operations, roles within the industry, and critical industry standards and regulations.”

The program is also helpful for new or aspiring transportation operation managers who are learning to manage all the transportation or hauling needs of a business.

Focus EduSolutions also stated that micro-credential programs such as this one are, “a non-traditional learning pathway where students gain skill-sets in a specific technical area and receive a credential within a matter of weeks, serving both the student and the industry in a timely and affordable format.”

The Trucking Operations Micro-Credential Program covers:

  • How trucking and freight operations work
  • The foundations for various types of freight
  • Trucking equipment
  • Trucking loads
  • Driver planning and driver hours of service
  • Processes for being able to plan and dispatch loads to drivers
  • Customer service
  • A basic understanding of accounting principles that are necessary for trucking management

Enrollment is now open for the six-week-long Trucking Operations offering. The first start date is Tuesday, Jan. 3.