7 Tips for choosing the right truck fleet to work for

Choosing the right truck fleet can feel like a daunting task, but Truckers News offers some advice to help you make your decision. They spoke to Wellington Motor Freight’s Michael Zelek, director of human resources, and Jessica Mata, driver recruitment and retention manager.

  1.  Ask the right questions: You want to make sure that the fleet you are joining has exactly what you want. The benefits, pay, schedule and other key factors should fit your needs.
  2. Beware the pitfalls of ‘Driver Inc.’: Be sure to know if you are being hired as an employee or an independent contractor
  3. Research the fleet as thoroughly as possible: Use sites like Google, LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook, and other platforms to complete your research.
  4. Trust your eyes: Notice companies that are investing in their fleets. You can clearly see by the kinds of rigs and trailers they have.
  5. Talk about communications: A clear line of communication and knowing who to talk to is important. Things can be lost in translation and emergencies can come up. Ask about 24-hour support/dispatch or on-call support
  6. Think about the future as well as the present: “Driver turnover in the trucking industry is high, and attractive signing bonuses contribute to the problem. While frequent job changes can raise red flags with recruiters, there are sometimes legitimate reasons behind the moves.”
  7. Don’t forget questions specific to owner-operators: Understanding the true compensation package if you’re an owner operator