AAA predicting record number of July 4th drivers

CBS News is reporting that, according to AAA, a record number of 42 million Americans will be on the road for trips of 50 miles or more. With the national gas/diesel price at $4.98, people are still vacationing and commuting with the potential for travel times to double. As reported, “the best time to travel from Thursday through Friday is early or late in the day. It said congestion on Sunday and Monday should be lower. July 4 lands on Monday this year”.

CBS News provided some strategies to get through these high volumes of traffic:

– Bypass stations off major highways: AAA recommends going off the highways into more residential and remote rural areas for stations

– Get stingy at expensive gas stations: we know diesel prices are skyrocketing so if you are low on your tank, re-fuel but don’t fill up all the way.

– Consider a “nearcation”: the pandemic has caused many to enjoy life with fewer vacations and leisure activities due to shutdowns. Perhaps plan a “staycation” nearby to your hometown.

The roads will be packed this year but there aren’t many people planning to fly. Please plan your drives as best as you can and be safe on the roads!