Mom Poses Question for Truckers About Kids’ Airhorn Requests

In a recent Reddit thread, a curious mom posed a question to truckers concerning how they feel about kids arm pumping to ask for the air horn, and the responses are too good not to share.

The Question
“Question for US truckers: when I pull alongside you and my kid does the classic ‘toot your horn’ arm motion, is that actually annoying and unwanted?” asked user justaanotherptaq. “I always try to make sure the truck isn’t approaching a curve in the road, and not earshot behind someone that may get alarmed before I let them do it. But is this actually just as annoying to you as it is to a cashier when a customer says, “if it’s not ringing up, I guess it’s free!” Also, question for non-US truckers: do kids everywhere do this or is this just a thing in the states?”

The responses were very much in favor of the arm pump.

  • “I smile and nod… Then let it rip,” said Visual_Particular_48
  • toolman_215 said, “Just the opposite…it makes my day when I get the arm pump and I get to see the joy on a kids face after getting the horn. Most of the time, It’s the best thing to happen all day 😎”
  • dreamerindogpatch commented, “If someone gives me the gesture (and I see it, and it is safe) – I always give the toot with a big grin.”
  • Chapito2469 responded, “I have had 20–30-year-olds do it. I honk for everyone and anyone.”
  • “It’s literally why I got my CDL,” said Realistic-Brush5734.
  • Laaylor0312 said, “I always toot my horn IF there’s not a bunch of traffic nearby… I don’t want to freak anybody in front of me out unintentionally.. :).”
  • To which davidpow1980 responded, “If it is a child, I don’t care where I’m at, how much traffic there is, or the time of day, if I see it, the horn blows. I’ll pay the ticket without hesitation if I get one.”
  • eholly04 commented, “Although I’m in Canada not the US I think I speak for all truckers when I say we love when kids do this! Hell, we even love when grown ass people do it! Not sure what it’s like in the states but honestly there aren’t nearly as many people doing the arm pump as there were when I was younger kinda sad to see.”
  • adventure_dog noted, “pretty sure most of us blast the airhorn for fun on our own, being asked to do it by kids is always a good reason to do it.”
  • Little_NaCl-y had great advice to optimize your visibility when doing an arm pump request. “When he wants to do it, be in the lane to the left of us and out 2 car spaces in front – we’ll definitely see it then. 50/50 shot I see it when you’re right next to my door.”
  • “It makes my freaking week!” says Funny_Associate_9655. “I’ll remember the smiles and excitement many miles down the road and my load gets considerably lighter. Please encourage your kids to interact with us and have their friends do it too! It makes everyone’s day a bit better, encourages camaraderie, promotes special awareness and reduces white line syndrome. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing children smile?”
  • “It’s an honor and privilege to honk for a kid. Sometimes we may not do it depending on the location but it’s still much appreciated,” said kaneabel.

From the responses, it seems safe to say that drivers are very much in favor of kids pumping their arm to request and air horn pump. Truck drivers often put in long hours behind the wheel and are sometimes away from hone for extended periods of time. A friendly wave or arm pump can be just the thing to bring a smile to their face as well as a child’s. So, next time you see a big rig on the road, go ahead and encourage the kiddos to throw up that arm pump, heck, throw it up yourself! You might just make their day.