The top 10 concerns for truck drivers in 2021

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently released its annual ranking of the top concerns for truck drivers, motor carriers and the trucking industry. Unsurprisingly, their concerns aren’t all the same!

In the last couple of years, the trucking industry has faced supply chain disruptions, legal battles and infrastructure problems. Motor carriers have tried to tackle driver retention issues and a global driver shortage. Truck drivers have carried the country through a pandemic — and continue to do so.

Here’s what each group said their top concerns are:

Top 10 Concerns for Truck Drivers in 2021

  1. Driver compensation and truck parking (these two issues tied for the top slot)
  2. Detention/Delay at customers’ facilities
  3. Fuel prices
  4. Driver training standards
  5. Hours of service rules
  6. ELD mandate
  7. Driver distraction
  8. Transportation infrastructure/congestion/funding
  9. Speed limiters
  10. CSA

Top 10 Concerns for Motor Carriers in 2021

  1. Driver shortage
  2. Driver retention
  3. Lawsuit abuse reform
  4. CSA
  5. Driver compensation
  6. Insurance cost and availability
  7. Diesel technician shortage
  8. Transportation infrastructure/congestion/funding
  9. Driver distraction
  10. Detention/Delay at customers’ facilities

Top 10 Concerns for Trucking Industry Overall

  1. Driver shortage (for the fifth year in a row)
  2. Driver retention
  3. Driver compensation
  4. Lawsuit abuse reform
  5. Truck parking
  6. CSA
  7. Detention time
  8. Infrastructure funding
  9. Insurance cost and availability
  10. Shortage of diesel technicians

Whether you’re a driver, a carrier or an industry expert, what are your biggest concerns? Connect with us today!