What it takes to haul livestock

Pamela Cox drives a 2016 Peterbilt 389 with a pink exterior full of breast cancer awareness decals and pulls a 2018 Wilson livestock trailer with it. According to TruckerNews, hauling livestock requires a certain kind of driver. Drivers are dealing with very specific livestock and they need to know how to work with them. It can be very challenging work. Livestock haulers are taking a different type of risk, not only being away from their families so much, but they must also stay alert to avoid injuries, such as getting kicked by cow. Livestock haulers are required by congress to still use paper logs to record their duty status.

We always talk about how making the hauls as easy as possible on the drivers is the best thing that can be done. Livestock hauling isn’t advancing as quickly as the rest of the industry is. It takes particular care that only a human can provide.