Waymo is teaming up with Uber on autonomous trucking

Waymo and Uber are known for previously having legal issues over autonomous vehicles, but are now teaming up to help speed up the adoption of driverless trucks across the world. Uber and Waymo have teamed up with their autonomous trucking projects via Uber Freight and Waymo Via, both focused on hauling freight. Both companies will work together to integrate their products and develop a roadmap that Uber has already been working on. Waymo will Uber Freight until they’ve tested their own fleets first. The partnership will allow for beta testing across both companies’ products, creating a space to truly asses for any errors. As said by TheVerge, Waymo “sued Uber and its subsidiary, self-driving truck

startup Otto, over allegation of trade secret theft and patent infringement”. The case went to trial for about a year until they both agreed on a settlement. After some time, Uber admitted to misappropriation of some of Waymo’s technology and agreed to license it for any future use.