Arcades, Churches and Laundromats: A Trucker’s Haven on the verge of change

Truck drivers are always facing different difficulties throughout the industry, but an important part of their support system might be fleeing as well. The NYTimes reports the Petro Travel Center on Interstate 10 in Ontario, California, is a haven open “to kiosks and services catering directly to those who work out of the cab of a big rig”. The center has showers, a gym, a laundromat and a driver’s lounge! Not only that, there’s also an arcade in a game area and a pool table. Aside from being able to wash your clothes and have fun, right outside the stop is a chapel in a trailer. Many drivers don’t have the luxury of going back home in between hauls to shower or even wash their clothes. The Petro Travel Center has become a haven for many drivers.

With the automation of trucks well under way with recent testing, it is less likely there will be a need for as many stops, let alone a stop so big and inclusive of many different resources. Most drivers are hoping automation won’t take over for a while but as soon as more and more carriers start to utilize automated trucks, the less resources for truck drivers are going to be needed. Stops like Petro Travel Center are important for truck drivers.