ATRI seeks parking feedback from operators in Midwest during I-20 closures this week

There is a national parking shortage and everyone’s seeking for a solution. Recently reported by OverRide the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) launched an online survey looking for feedback from truck drivers on the “real-time parking information system that was installed in eight Midwest states in 2019.” All Midwest drivers operating in the Midwest can complete the survey. The survey is asking drivers for their opinions on the Truck Parking Information Management System. The system is supposed to help make it easier for truck drivers to find parking.

Also reported is that the “ATRI has identified truck parking as the No. 1 national issue among truck drivers”. The American Trucking Association has also reported that there are more than 11 drivers for every open parking space, and that’s simply not enough. Studies have also shown that each day drivers can spend up to one hour of their driving time just looking for an open parking space and are often forced to park in unauthorized places. Public parking has been a long-standing issue in the Midwest. The survey will help states improve the Truck Parking Information Management System (TPIMS). Click here for the survey